USA Officially Increases Biodiesel Tax

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InfoSAWIT –United States of America (USA) would increase the incoming tax of biodiesel imports. Commissioner of Wilmar, Master Parulian Tumanggor thought, the other countries increase the import tax tarif may have some reasons, such as, to trade agreement, or protect the countries themselves.

He thought, what USA would do is one try to protect their farmers, namely those who produce biodiesel made of soybean.

“Our palm oil biodiesel is cheap enough. In order to protect soybean industries, they decrease to buy biodiesel from our country so that the companies there buy their own soybean production,” he recently said, as quoted


He also did not deny, the policy of USA would influence palm oil industries in Indonesia, namely if it is seen from the other biodiesel producers. But he continued, this would not make big loss for Indonesia.


“America pays the incoming tax. As long as it is a profit for Indonesia, it would not be a problem. But he would compare between importing palm oil biodiesel or importing soybean biodiesel. If soybean is cheaper, they would buy it and the contrary,” he said. (T3)

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