The Difference between the Plantation Manager and Plantation Leader

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InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –It needs good management to cultivate palm oil plantation. In addtion the plantation may be very wide. Mary Parket Follet defined, management is the art to solve the work through someone else.

When the palm oil plantation is narrow, the owner could manage his areas. But if the area gets wider, and in some locations, the activity in the areas would also be much to do. There would be problems too. Of course, the owner would not be able to manage the areas and willing or not, he should give the authority to the other person who could manage the areas.


The person could be said as the manager or in the other word, administrator. In the wider areas, he could be said as group manager (GM). In general, the plantation manager should have undergraduate degree in agriculture or at least, have long and many experiences in the plantation.


Based on Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, manager means 1. orang yang mengatur pekerjaan atau kerja sama di antara berbagai kelompok atau sejumlah orang untuk mencapai sasaran; 2 orang yang berwenang dan bertanggung jawab membuat rencana, mengatur, memimpin, dan mengendalikan pelaksanaannya untuk mencapai sasaran tertentu; or a person or someone who regulates the work or the cooperation among some groups or some persons to get the goal; 2. Someone or a person who is in charge and responsibility on making plan, regulating, leading, and controlling the actions to get the certain goal.


The general definition of manager is someone or a person who works with or through other person through an activity to coordinate some work to get the goal of an organization(s).




Manager derives from the word management that means: an organ of one business that is trusted to run the work of coordination professionally. In simple definition, management means as the coordination to run/manage the running business in daily life by using the available infrastructures with the organization and the regulations that have been decided to get the certain goals.


The Function of Management

To manage a company, the manager runs the function of management. It is the basic element that keeps existing and attaching in the process of management to be the reference of the manager to do the activity to get the goal.(Maruli Pardamean, Author and Palm oil Plantation Practitioner)


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