Palm Oil Seed of PT ASD-Bakrie Would Increase the Production Nationally

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InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA Joint venture palm oil seed company between Bakrie Sumatera Plantation and ASD de Costa Rica, PT ASD-Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia, keeps developing superior seeds knowing the good challenge to develop palm oil nationally.

Director of PT ASD-Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia, Andi W. Setianto, convinced, the cooperation keeps running to increase palm oil seed capacity in Indonesia twice to three times. “So this is the private, oldest, and biggest palm oil company in Costa Rica and also might be in the world. It could increase the higher production that means, palm oil seed industry could always become the number one,” he recently said, as quoted from, in Jakarta.


The increasing palm oil production would be positive to some food materials using it as part of the composition. The increasing production might press the market price.


But he did not deny that the national productions are still in small numbers because the domestic smallholders plant the seeds in low quality and has no clear certificate. “I have talked to Ministry of Agriculture that the seeds from Costa Rica could be the solution to increase the productivity. I just proposed, the CPO fund used to biodiesel could be distributed to the replanting program to the smallholders who could not afford the program,” he said.


He also mentioned, Costa Rica has officially had the Embassy in Jakarta. He thought, the embassy could strengthen the relationship between the two countries. “We want to strengthen the relationship with Costa Rica for they want to. They are just like us,” Andi said.  (T3)

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