Palm oil Sector Is One Study in Politeknik Sekayu

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InfoSAWIT, SEKAYU - Politeknik Sekayu would make a new program majoring palm oil in 2018.

It was revealed in the Rapat Pembahasan Usulan Alokasi Anggaran Hibah forYayasan Muba Sejahtera (Politeknik Sekayu) in 2018, led by Regional Secretary in duty, District of MusiBanyuasin (Muba), Drs. H. Apriyadi, Msi., and the Budget Team of Muba, and Director of Politeknik Sekayu, Haryanto, ST. MM. ME., in the meeting room of Assistant II, Muba, Wednesday (6/9).

Apriyadi said, District of Muba appreciated it for palm oil is one main commodity of the people in Muba. He also said, the grant could not be allocated for it is against the law. He said that about the grant allocation to YayasanMuba Sejahtera.

So PoliteknikSekayu should run the program of scholarship and payment from the district.

“We should not disturb the regulation. We have agreed, there is no more grant in the form of activity in the Culture and Education Agency,” he said in the official statement that InfoSAWIT got.

He also suggested,Yayasan Muba Sejahtera should clarify the assets status in the Politeknik Sekayu.

"We suggest that PoliteknikSekayu should clarify the assets status. Are they loans, grants, or rents?” he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Politeknik Sekayu, Haryanto said, the institution has run the paid and scholarship programs.

“This year, we have 64 of more than 200 students who pay the program in the Politeknik,” he said.(T2)

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