Overlapping License Should be Discussed

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InfoSAWIT, SOLO - The expert in Agrarian Laws from Faculty of Law, ‘UniversitasSebelasMaret, Professor Maria S.W. Soemardjono thought, it needs to know and see the old days if plantation company deals with the problem on the Cultivation Rights, namely when the government published the license (permit). The license published by the government always orients to give rights.

Based on the classification of land mastering by the country, it refers to the status, such as, the country’s land, indigenous land, government’s forest area, and the former transmigrant area. “The country could release its rights to give cultivation license,” she said.

She also said, when giving/publishing the cultivation rights breaks the regulation, the government needs to do some phases before the license is published, such as, the direction of license which refers to the previous license. “The publication of land cultivation by the country should orient to the rights publication too,”  she said.


If the license publication might break the laws, there solution of the case should be based on the available regulation. But before the case is in the court, it needs to solve it by the discussion.


The member of Ombudsman RI, Laode Ida said the same thing with Professor Maria. Laode thought, there should be discussion about the license overlapping issue. As a commission, Ombudsmand does some administrative supervision to the public. It needs strategy to solve the mal-administration between the rights holder and the government.


“If the government makes negative influences, the people could complain to the government,” Laode said.(T1)

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