Louis Dreyfus and CSR Asia Did Responsible Agribusiness Meeting

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Info SAWIT, JAKARTA– Louis Dreyfus Company Indonesia (LDC) and CSR Asia did the first session of Roundtable Meeting of Responsible Agribusiness of CSR Asia in Jakarta.

The meeting was attended by more less 50 professionals in business and sustainable issue, from more than 30 companies and organizations to discuss the change of local agribusiness to involve the smallholders and adopt inclusive business model and gender transformative business.

The series of Roundtable Meeting is developed by CSR Asia to GRAISEA (Gender Transformative and Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South East Asia), a regional development program which Swedish government funds and done by Oxfam. The program is to get the solution to help and increase the lives of smallholders as the producers through the chain of value and private sector investment which would be more responsible and inclusive and to take the women to notice the leadership in economy.


CEO LDC Indonesia, Imran Nasrullah,said, his side is grateful and honored for making partnership with CSR Asia to start the series of Roundtable Meeting of Responsible Agribusiness. “As the company that commits to the sustainable business, we believe and should support the industrial dialog to share the best practice which the other companies might develop and to get their own sustainable goals, and help them to make this world more inclusive for every one,” he said in the official statement that InfoSAWIT got.


Director of CSR Asia Singapore, Isabelle Morina also said, LDC has helped CSR Asia to connect to the main stakeholders in Indonesia, met the companies that realize the advantages of responsible and inclusive business. “We believe, the involvement and the collaboration among the stakeholders is very important to re-think our approach with the smallholders, and support the gender transformation. The meeting is the big opportunity to discuss the best practices and the practical solution that could be the important pillar in our collaboration with Oxfam and the Swedish government,” she said. (T2)

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