Indonesia Supports the Inclusive Business in ASEAN

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Jakarta, 6 September 2017 – ASEAN would take the big advantage for the members as long as it is solid and united. ASEAN would give the strong bergaining position in the cooperation with other countries in the world. Secretary of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita emphasized it, Wednesday (6/9) before attending the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) Meeting which would be running on 7 – 11 September 2017. “When the negotiation of agreement in the other region is to unite the vision and mission, and tend to billateral agreement, AEM would be very important as the support to increase the integration and cooperation in ASEAN,” he said in the official release that InfoSAWIT got.

He continued, Indonesia needs to advantage the role of region to face the nowadays global challenge. “Through ASEAN, we could take Indonesia in the regional map to be stronger to face the global challenges that are more complex. Indonesia could still become the main goal of investment without leaving ASEAN and with ASEAN Indonesia has the bigger role,” he said.


AEM 2017 would be launched on Thursday (7/9) in Marriot Hote, Pasay, Philippine. Philippine as the chairman, the middle, small and micro business becomes the main thing to dicsuss. The other prior issues in ASEAN, when Philippine as the chairman, to discuss are the independent certification scheme in ASEAN for the ‘surat keterangan asal (SKA)’, investment, trade of service, connectivity inter ASEAN members through ASEAN Roll-on Roll-off, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the economical empowerment of women, and e trade.


Support the Inclusive Business


Starting his work visit to Philippine, in the same day, Secretary of Trade was the note speaker in ‘Inclusive Business Seminar Summit’ Forum which run for the first time in Marriot Hotel, Pasay, Philippine, together with Secretary of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, Ramon M. Lopez; Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia, Dato Sri Mustapa Muhamed; and Deputy Minister Ministry of Industry and Trade Viet Nam. Enggartiasto talked in the session “Enabling Inclusive Business Through Policy”.


In the forum, he also said, to support the inclusive business, the government should do its role to increase the awareness and create the situation and condition that support the model and different inclusive business. “In this case, the government of Indonesia has focused to one main challenge, that is, the finance,” he said.


Meanwhile, General Director of International Trade Negotiation, Ministry of Trade, Imam Pambagyo said, the inclusive business leads to develop the people’s economy. “The lead of the inclusive business is to develop the people’s economy and prepare the businessmen (actors) to face and join in the chain of stock globally,” he said.


The inclusive business orients not to profit only but also to have larger influence, that is, to welfare the people. It is a new relative concept that ASEAN proposed. In Indonesia the big companies have the important role to develop inclusive business in many sectors, namely in agro - bases, such as, rubber, cocoa, pepper, tea, vanily, and palm oil.


The focus are the chance and opportunity of business to the people having small income. Meanwhile, in the manufacture sector, inclusive businesses to develop are electornic, rotan, and herbal; in the service sectors are tourism, marketing, and the transportation service in application – base within wider business net. (T2)


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