Filma and Palmboom Vanished Trans-fat without Decreasing the Quality

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InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Heading to the end of this year, Filma and Palmboom, palm oil and margarine brand in Indonesia run Media Baking Workshop that was facilitated by Research and Development (R&D) Center of the company in Marunda Industrial Zone. Besides getting chance to make good food for Christmas and New Year, the participants had the chance to see the R&D of the company.

The end of the year is the good time for most families to gather. The moment has been waited for by the snack sellers that the parcel full of cookies would drastically increase.

Head of R&D Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Paul Wassell, said, the research and development that the company does are very important as same as the effort to solve the concern about palm oil process activity relating to the health issue.

“The latest innovation in the early of this year was by re-formulating the product of the company to vanish trans - fat free, without decreasing the quality of the product,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

In that chance, Chef Koko Hidayat and Chef James Pasalbessy, who are also as the Technical Service Managers of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food shared three recepies, they were, Orange Choco Financier, Tuna Fritter and Apricot Windows Cookies and easy, practical, and delicious to make and they are good to be the options of parcel packet in the new year.

“Today’s workshop is to make Tuna Fritter. We use FILMA Goodfry Deep Frying Fat that is good to fry within deep-fry technic. By this product, we could fry much again and again and the quality remains still. There are some things to notice to buy and use cooking oil, such as, the cost to fry but within maximal result,” Chef James. (T2)

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