Cargill Targets the Source of CPO is Traceable until the POF

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InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Based on Sustainability Report of Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., in 2016, some progress had been reachable and the company always monitors the latest issues. Such as, the traceability of the CPO stock to the palm oil factories (POFs) from the plantations. Its goal is to ensure the consumers, where the CPO is from that the company group sells.

The activities target to trace the chain of stock to the POFs up to 100%. This is done by identification of technology used in the POFs, the programs of empowerment for the smallholders and other initiatives to develop palm oil plantation to realize the goals of the company. 


The traceability of the chain of stock from the plantations to the POFs needs involvement of the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) suppliers as the third sides. The suppliers should be educated continously to inform completely the origin of the FFB sold to the POFs.


The transparent traceability of CPO and the origin of the FFB are hoped to fulfill the commitment of Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., to 100% traceability to the POFs in 2020. The company also cooperates with Global Forest Watch (GWF) to monitor the existence of the suppliers.


The cooperation with GWF is done to support the suppliers in producing FFB by noticing the existence of the palm oil areas having high carbon stock (HCS) and high conservation value (HCV) which are efffective and transparent,  based on the procedures decided by the company.


The smallholders are the partners of Cargill to notice through the cooperation with Winrock International, IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and Costco. Cargill Group also published guidance to develop the peat for the smallholders. The guidance would be used as the procedure of sustainable action for the palm oil plantation in the peat and should be responsibly done up to the replanting process.


Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., also empowers the cooperation with The Forest Trust (TFT), Pro Forest and other stakeholders.  The company is also active in many forums and working groups done by GFW, the Sustainable Landscape, and Roundtable on Sustainable Oil (RSPO).(T1)


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