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Want to Try FFB Transportation using Cableway System

17 July 2017 , 06:55 WIB | Read : 281 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The areas having swamp or in low location, hilly, or wavy, and the bad infrastructure make the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) transportation have problems to do. It needs a good transporttion, such as, by using cableway system.

One issue in palm oil areas when the trees are in productive age is the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) transportation which is transported from block to palm oil factory (POF). The topography in the field, such as, the low, hilly or wavy areas, the bad infrastructure and the key road become the challenges for every planter.

These spend lots of power and time to transport the FFB and in the end transporting FFB spends lots of money in the plantation, and the heavy rain, flood, hot weather and dust may disturb other people around the areas.

The limited natural resources, such as, red soil (leterit), ‘sirtu’, and stone (krokos) as the materials to improve the road to plantation also become the factor of much loss (the production road and the key road). It may use the heavy tools to improve the road, and others.

The social factor and the available workers become the main issues in transporting FFB to POF. The conventional ways force the people to have work order to transport the FFB. But it makes gap among them. It does too with the workers transporting the FFB. It is the fact that when the higher the tree is, the harder to get the uploading workers.

When trucks pass by in the village, there will be potency to crush, dusty in dry season which may be bad for the health. These make the people complain to the company and raise conflicts. The fruit stealing may happen for many net ways in and out of plantation which make difficult to control them.

The material of the way in the plantation may consist of ‘laterit, sirtu’, ‘krokos’, and others. Kinds of the material are the limited natural resources. One day, they may be gone. So there should be the alternative to change the material.

The expensive cost to construct the infrastructures, such as, bridge, box culvert, tunnels may be the reasons to have production cost in the plantation.

But the cableway system, the infrastructure cost in the plantation could be cheaper.

One day, the author saw a video in Youtube about the FFB transportation using cableway system in a palm oil plantation in Columbia. The author was familiar with the system because the author once worked in Cavendish banana plantation. So the author offered this idea to be implemented in palm oil areas in Indonesia.

(K. Harun/Praktisi Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit)

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