24 June 2014 , 17:37 WIB | Read : 933 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

Though it does not run well,  the government’s plan to increase the farmers’ productivities keeps running. According to General Director of Plantation, Gamal Nazir, the government keeps supporting the farmers to increase their productivities.

“The government has limited fund, so the government keep supporting the private sectors to help the farmers to substitute the palm oil seeds in the farmers’ plantations which are low productive,” Gamal explained to InfoSAWIT.

The government does so to increase the productivity of 3 millions hectares of the farmers. The facts show, the farmers’ fresh fruit harvest of 10 year old plantation farmers just reach 16 tons/hectare/year.

But what InfoSAWIT knows, the farmers’ productivities are difficult to improve. Based on the work plan of Ministry of Agriculture in 2014, there will be 700 millions of Rupiah to increase the productivities for 80 hectares only. In fact, there are about 3 millions of hectare plantations belonging to the farmers.

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