22 January 2015 , 06:50 WIB | Read : 907 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

though crude palm oil (CPO) price is not as good as the previous years, it does not make palm oil modal owners let this business go. it is proved, many Indonesian rich men still make palm oil as the source of money.

The cheaper price of the world CPO which is as same as the raw oil oil has decreased the competition in national palm oil industries. But the decreasing currency of rupiah to dollar in last few days helps this golden business.

Then, what about palm oil business in 2015? It is predicted, CPO is not far different from it in 2014. Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB), Derom Bangun said, it happens for the decreasing price of the world raw oil.

Though CPO is still potential to be better in 2015, but it will not increase significantly because the price of raw oil in the world will be staganant and even fall down.

Derom continued, in last five years, the raw oil had reached US$ 125 per barrel. Now it becomes US$ 70 per barrel. CPO was reaching US$ 1000 per ton and now it reaches around US$ 700 per ton. But in last days, it becomes US$ 680 per ton,” Derom recently mentioned in Jakarta.

If this keeps running, CPO will always decrease for many of biodiesel consumers want CPO to decrease too because of the falling raw oil in the world. If it is not decreasing, the consumers will not buy. But it might be small chance to increase CPO price in 2015 if the raw oil still falls down by the end of this year.

James Fry from LMC International predicted,. . .


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