18 October 2017 , 06:08 WIB | Read : 86 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

as palm oil plantation company, cargill tropical palm holdings pte. ltd., has strong commitment to be sustainable palm oil producer. 2020 is the target of the companyt to be 100% sustainable palm oil producer. it is done by producing transparent and traceable chainof stock from the plantation.

Palm oil plantations developed by Cargil Tropical Palm Holdings Ptd. Ltd., in Indonesia are good to say for every palm oil plantation has the strong principle within visionary. Not only getting the production target, the management and cultivation of the company prioritize the safety of human and environment.

Chairman Asia Pasific Cargill, Alan Wilits said, the long term goal to get the success of the company is based on the daily action that is done responsibly and by giving profits for the workers (employees) the environment, and the social, where the company operates and runs its business.

He thought, it needs cooperation in the chain of stock of the plantation business that is done safely, responsibly, and sustainably. The production result would be safe to consume for mankind and environmental too.

“Palm oil in Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., should be sustainably produced,” he emphasized in the sustainability report recently.

The responsible palm oil cultivation could be done by knowing the sustainable principles and criteria that are universallyadmitted. In the chain of stock, the crude palm oil (CPO) should implement the sustainable principles and criteria through the transparency and traceability of the responsible chain of stock.

The Champion of Global Sustainability

Cargill group could reach and realize the goals of the company to be the world leader in producing safe, responsible, and sustainable CPO. In every action (operational), the company prioritizes the safety of the workers as the basic of the operational.

The work process in Cargill T . . .

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