05 July 2017 , 06:49 WIB | Read : 159 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

the lives in the village which are identical to most of palm oil areas have become the characteristic of much palm oil development in Indonesia. the friendly and good situation, working together become parts of the daily lives.

We often see if visiting to the palm oil areas, the people say hello one to the other and ask the tidings. In palm oil areas, most of them are friendly though having different background. In addition, developing palm oil was involving the people from the crowded regions.

‘Perkebunan Inti Rakyat (PIR)’ Pattern which became part of its development, becomes the strong base of palm oil business. By developing the people’s palm oil areas, the plantation companies are as the partners. This really helps the government’s program to conquer the poverty.

But it was not easy in the first place to take the people’s participation to be in partnership with the palm oil plantation companies. Many arguments, different perspectives and background of the community became the issues to collaborate between the two.

In general, the cooperation of palm oil plantation companies and the smallholders could be done by some different approach, such as, approaching the smallholders having groups, and approaching the smallholders working independently. This is totally different.

The smallholders having groups or once having experiences as the partners of the palm oil or intercrop plantation companies will be more critical to discuss the cooperation. The smallholders would not need promises but they realize to help the plantation companies as their partners.

While the smallholders working independently would be more difficult to cooperate as the companies’ partners. The group as the place might be tho

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