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The Regulation of CSR is not Optimal yet

13 July 2017 , 06:41 WIB | Read : 98 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, SAMPIT –The potency to develop through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in plantation sector in Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim) is not maximal yet. The program has been empowered by Regional Regulation of CSR up to Regulation of Regent or ‘Peraturan Bupati(Perbup)’. But until now, there is no optimal CSR realization program.

Chairman of Legislation, Kotim Legislators, Dadang H Syamsu felt sorry about that. He emphasized, the regulation is being formulated by the Legislators in the last five years, but it becomes an old story when the formulation is given to the Regional Government of Kotim.

“It is to sad to know that Kotim does not optimize the CSR program. In the recent days, there were CSR forum but it was not too powerful to execute the CSR program in the field,” he recently said, as quoted from

For there are many palm oil companies in the district, it is hoped to give prosperity to the people of Kotim. It is important to have regional regulation, such as, it could give help to the people around the companies, and give education. He confessed, he once did survey to the companies. Every company may give Rp 1 billion per year and spend CSR Programs. “But the programs seem to have no meaning and some time, we think, the program has no good realization and no advantage. We feel sorry about this,” he said. (T3)

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