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The New Policy about HCS in East Kalimantan

14 September 2017 , 06:20 WIB | Read : 100 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, SAMARINDA – The provincial government of East Kalimantan made agreement with seven districts in the province about palm oil development. In the agreement, the district should protect the high carbon stock (HCS) areas in the plantation concession areas.

For information, in the Spatial of East Kalimantan, the province allocated 3,2 million hectares for plantation. Of the areas, 2,9 million hectares have license as the plantation areas. The realization of the plantation just reaches 1,3 million hectares. 1,1 million hectares were palm oil areas.


Of 2,9 million hectares having plantation license, 640 thousand hectares are forest, and 50 thousand hectaresare peat having high carbon. “The changing of the forest function would be maximally 25 percent until 2030,” Regional Secretary of East Kalimantan, Rusmadi said, as quoted fromtribunkaltim.co.


He thought, the new enlargement would be focused to the people’s areas. It would be in the low carbon areas. For example, in the bushes and open areas in the mineral land. “We should prioritize the productivity rathen than enlarging,” he said.


While increasing the productivity, he continued, the province could enlarge the areas up to 761 thousand hectares until 2030. “We urge to enlarge the areas having license, evaluate and also manage the license so that the areal enlargement would be efficient, low emission and create the good investment too,” he said.(T3)

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