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The Former of Head of Plantation of Nunukan is Executed

13 July 2017 , 14:39 WIB | Read : 103 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT,NUNUKAN –After executing the suspect, Muhammad Soleh Effendi to ‘Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Klas II B’, Sungai Jepun, Sub district of Nunukan Selatan, last October, the former of Head of Plantation, Forestry and Plantation Agency, District Nunukan, Sujendro Edi Nugroho is executed in the corruption of palm oil development within revolving fund model in 2006 in the Agency.

Head of Special Crime, District Attorney of Nunukan, Rusli Usman said, his side directly contacted the former of Task Force of Plantation and Forestry Agency after knowing the order some days before.

“I directly called him, and the suspect was in Bogor. We were ordered to go back and the suspect surrendered to the Court of Nunukan,” he said, as quoted from tribunkaltim.co.

When the Court of Nunukan sentenced him as the suspect in the case, the former of ‘pejabat pelaksana teknis kegiatan (PPTK)’, Soleh, Sujendro Edi Nugroho, and the former Head of Plantation and Forestry Agency, District of Nunukan, Suwono Thalib were once in jail ‘Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Klas II B Sungai Jepun, Sub district of Nunukan Selatan.

But the three were free on 13 December 2010 after the Chairman of Court of Nunukan, led by Puji Hendro Suroso SH got the exception from the defendants. 

The attorney then did verset and defendants continued to appeal and the court sentenced to continue the case. Court of Nunukan sentenced two years in jail for Sujendro Edi Nugroho and Suwono Thalib. The corruption has make losses about Rp18,539 billion for the country. (T3)

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