24 June 2014 , 17:25 WIB | Read : 1229 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

Referring to the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia, the ownership of palm oil plantation in Indonesia in 2013, there were 9,8 millions of hectare plantation licences. 9,2 millions hectares have been planted. “Palm oil plantations in Indonesia are vaster than paddy fields which are 7,9 millions hectares,” Secretary of Agriculture, Suswono recently mentioned in Riau.

National palm oil plantations become the good agribusiness in the future. The global consumers will increase their demands in each year. For one description, the consumptions of palm oil in 2010 were 44,5 millions of ton. In three years (2013) the consumptions increased 48 millions of tons.

The increasing palm oil consumptions are parts of global consumers who like palm oil as non food and food oil which are healthy and efficient for mankind.

Though the national palm oil plantations are just about 18 millions hectares, but Ministry of Agriculture focuses to increase the productivity more than enlarging national palm oil plantations.

The palm oil farmers have 40% of palm oil plantations, both plasma as the partners of the companies and independent farmers who do not join the plantation companies. The biggest issue is the independent farmers whose having 3 millions hectares. The farmers’ productivities are not good yet and need special handling to increase the harvest in the future.

That is why the government needs the support to increase the farmers’ productivities. “It is important to make innovative fund for the palm oil farmers to increase their productivities,” Suswono emphasized.

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