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The CPO Export Ban Should be Benefit for Aceh

05 September 2017 , 06:41 WIB | Read : 110 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, BANDA ACEH – Coordinator of Tim Pemantau Otonomi Khusus (Otsus) Aceh, H Firmandez, thought, the idea of Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf to publish Governor’s Regulation to forbid CPO export from Aceh should be done as well as it could and should give the additional value to the province.

“The additional value of CPO purifying process to be cooking oil should be returned to Aceh. The other regions should not enjoy it. If the regulation runs, the process should be in Aceh too so that the additional value would be in the province,” he said.

If the government of Aceh is serious about the idea, he continued, the CPO purifying factory to be cooking oil should be built in Aceh Province, namely in the regions as the palm oil centers.


“If it could, the palm oil industries in Aceh, from the upstream to the downstream sectors should be in this province so that there would be real additional value,” he said, as quoted from


Not only that, the refinery factory to purify CPO to be cooking oil should have good quality and quantity so that the cooking oil produced could compete with other products  in the markets


Refineryis the process to purify, to vanish the fatty acid, smell, and color of CPO so that it has the quality. This is a consideration. If not, it will be useless,” he hoped. (T3)

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