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The Budget of Plantation Agency of Berauis notFixed yet

11 September 2017 , 06:13 WIB | Read : 91 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, TANJUNG REDEB -Pembahasan Kebijakan Umum Anggaran Prioritas Plafon Anggaran Sementara  (KUA-PPAS) or the Temporary Budget Priority Discussion of Regional Exchange of Berau in 2018, was done by Commission B, Berau Legislators with Plantation Agency of Berau.

The meeting was led by Chairman of Commission II, Berau Legislators, M. Yunus on last Thursday and attended by Head of Plantation Agency, Berau, Sumaryono and the staffs.


Yunus said, the discussion was about the budget in the Agency. He also said, the budget policy that is accommodated should be related to the vision and mission of the Regent, has it been accommodated though it has limit budget?


“We do not want that the people have no good service. This is what we study still. The next, it will discuss about the KUA – PPAS and we would take it to the Budget Forum that has been agreed and we would take it also to the Regional Exchange in 2018,” he said.

In this case, the most important thing is to implement the vision and vision of the Berau Regent in the Plantation Agency. One thing that could not be avoided and should be implemented is to protect the people’s or smallholders’ businesses, they are, palm oil, cocoa, rubber, and pepper.


So far, he thought, the Budget in the Agency is not fixed yet. There are many programs to run but the budget has not been put in KUA PPAS.


“We discussed about it. In the monthly  activity, there should be meeting, for example, in the provincial government and the Agency should attend it to know the referential fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price that the companies buy from the smallholders,” he said.


This is to protect the smallholders, but it is not accommodated. Besides, what he concerned about is the program to help the people, such as, the seeds and others. The helps were so minimal. He got the information saying that Plantation Agency proposed Rp 6 billion but the Agency got only Rp 75 million.


“Heading back to make the regional company, this is not clear too. We also wait for the government to discuss it with legislators,” he said. (T3).

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