18 October 2017 , 06:03 WIB | Read : 59 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

as part of global commodity, crude palm oil (CPO) is used as the material for food and non food products. CPO as the material becomes the main potential to its existance in the world market. though there are bad assumptions about palm oil areas vocalized by social and environment activists around the world, palm oil plantation could really give progress and development for the people of indonesia.

Many people in this country choose to be smallholders for they have limited skills. The minor ability, skill, and education become the starting points for them to develop palm oil plantation nationally.

But the limited things could not become the reasons to say, the palm oil plantation ownership is smaller than the big private foreign companies ownership nationally. Palm oil is the global commodity that is interesting in the world class businessmen.

That is why, not only the smallholders, but also the national companies have limitation to develop palm oil. As the global commodity, it is mostly seized by the world class stakeholders.

Big modal, the wide access of market, skill and technology become the main parameters for the stakeholders. If willing to win the business, there should be more skill to develop palm oil business.

The complex global business should be mastered because in the international trade, there would be many problems. Not only skill in producing the material and making products, the management, administration, the infrastructure, and the political economy should be good too. It is no doubt that palm oil business competition derives not only from the foreign countries but also from palm oil business itself.

If the national stakeholders want to strengthen the business itself, the government of Indonesia should also support it. The government has central role to develop the domestic industries. The central and regional governmen

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