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Sustainability INFO : Mechanism of RSPO Compensation as One Step to Ensure The Values of Natural Conservation

25 April 2014 , 15:35 WIB | Read : 872 | By : Olivier Tichit

One concept which sustainable palm oil plantation runs and which is proposed by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is to avoid the area enlargment in the primer forest or in the region which has high conservation value (HCV) or if it is possible, to increase the high conservation value if the region is in plantation area.

Background of RSPO Compensation Mechanism

According to Principles & Criteria (P&C) RSPO, since November 2005, the members of palm oil producers should identify HCV in the area before enlarging palm oil. It is written in 7.3 which saying, “The new planting since November 2005 cannot be done in the primer forest or every single area which is determined to maintain or increase one or HCV more.”

The goal is that the areas belonging to the members of RSPO palm oil producers which have HCV or support HCV cannot be enlarged since the time determined.

Since RSPO P&C has been implemented, many sides question, what about the companies’ responsibility as the members of RSPO which enlarge and change the HCV to be palm oil plantation since November 2005? The mechanism of HCV compensation becomes the answer to the question above and it gives possibility that the companies get RSPO certification.

The HCV compensation mechanism has been implemented in the National Interpretation and Malaysia National Interpretation in 2008. In Criteria 7.3 in the RSPO P&C National Interpretation, it says that the plantations which have been enlarged since November 2005 could be put into the certification program. But if the plantations have unknown HCV status or there is uncertainty, the plantation will be out of the certification program until the HCV area compensation is accomplished and accepted by RSPO.

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