12 August 2015 , 06:30 WIB | Read : 648 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

having huge potency, plantation businessmen take the farmers as their partners to boost their palm oil productivity. it is hoped to be realized without enlarging new areas.

It is common to hear that the farmers’ productivity is in small numbers. It happens for they have limited funding and knowledge to cultivate palm oil so the farmers just cultivate it as whatever they could.

If the condition keeps happening, they will be worse. Furthermore, when the palm oil fruit price decreases, the farmers’ fruit will not be prioritized for their fruit is not in good quality, the free fatty acid will be higher, which makes the fruit price decreases more.

What the farmers get is more miserable when they have no farmers institution, such as, the farmers group or cooperation. Having the organization will be the gate to the farmers’ bergaining offer to make the cooperation with advanced palm oil plantation companies

That is why, Yayasan Setara Jambi starts to guide indipendent farmers, namely around Jambi to strengthen the farmers institution before supporting the cooperation with the plantation companies.

Director of Yayasan Setara Jambi, Rukaiyah Rafiq said, her side has guided the indipendent farmers in five villages, they are, Merlung, Lubuk Terap, Pulau Pauh, Rantau Benar, and Sungai Rotan

The guidance has been two years by focusing the farmers organization through the making of Farmers Groups until the groups are joined to be Farmers Groups Association. “We guide 500 indipendent farmer families, and the areas cover 1.200 hectares,” Rukaiyah recently said by e-mail.

This is to give better acces to the indipendent farmers. Furthermore, Rukaiyah continued, the indipendent farmers are mostly from local peope, so they have unique and their own complicated issues. It is said too, the complicated will be different when Yayasan Setara guides the transmigrant indipendent farmers

To guide the farmers in five villages, . . .


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