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Still Complaining, Konawe Legislators Proposed to Stop Palm oil Development

31 August 2017 , 06:41 WIB | Read : 105 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, KONAWE –Commission II, Konawe Legisltors did hearing on the area conflict of the villagers of Rawa Aepe, Sub district of Anggotoa, District of Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi, Tuesday (29/8).

The Hearing was attended by the villagers whose areas were cultivated, and the non profit organization, Alsurat that advocated the villagers, and PT Tani Prima Makmur (TPM) as the palm oil plantation company that cultivated the conflict areas. The meetng was directly led by the Chairman of Commission II, Ardin.

In the hearing, it was revealed that some local officers have the areas to be palm oil plantations. They are assumed not to be the original villagers of Kukuliri in Rawa Aepe.


The representative of Alsurat, Ilham Saputra said, at least, there are some officers who might get the compensation on the areas in Rawa Aepe, such as, Head of Sub district of Wawotobi. The rumor said, he might have 10 hectares and the former Head of Village of Anggotoa who has 6 hectares.


“We wondered that they are not the original villagers but they have vast areas. The villagers have lived there for generations but they are not put in data. They only watched when the compensation was given,” he said as quoted from


Meanwhile, the representative of TPM at the Hearing confessed that his side had verified the original owners of the conflict areas. This was started in the village level, sub district, and the court. TPM confessed, the company would give compensation for the villagers who really have the areas in conflict.(T3)

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