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Supporting the independent farmers’ productivity is not the government’s responsibilty only. it is proven, one subindustry of PT Sinar mas agro resources and technology (smart) tbk., locating in east kalimantan has run partnership programme with them. now the independent farmers have highly produced.

The progress of palm oil plantation enlargement in Indonesia is fast enough. If in 1980, there were only about  294.560 hectares (ha), in 2014, there were 10,2 millions ha.About 44% of the national palm oil plantations belong to the plasma and independent farmers.

But the data from Ministry of Agriculture, until now, the farmers palm oil plantations are still dominated by independent farmers.

It is normal that the national palm oil productivity keeps small in numbers because the vast areas which the independent farmers cultivate are producing small in numbers too.

In District of East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province for example. Knowing that palm oil is a profitable business, the farmers are supported to cultivate the commodity and it keeps growing until now.

Unfortunately, for having minim knowledge to cultivate it and for having limited funds, the farmers’ productivity is not good enough though their plantation could be increased more.

Knowing that, PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology (SMART) Tbk., through its subindustries PT Tapian Nadenggan and PT Kresna Duta Agroindo, locating in East Kalimantan open the chances to make partnership with the farmers within the plasma – main schemes which are wrapped in the replanting and independent farmers partnership schemes.

Referring to the companies’ informations, they have enlarged palm oil plantation in the region since 1997 through the replanting programme and has run partnership with the farmers’ plantations which cover 6.790 hectares or about 27,24% of the total main palm oil plantations which reaching 24.928 hectares.

Region Controller (RS) East Kalimantan, PT SMART Tbk., Waluya, the replanting plasma plantations cover 7 villages in District of East Kutai, they are, Makmur Jaya, Sukamaju, Margamulya, Wanasari, Sri Pantun, Kongbeng Indah, andSidomulya. “The villagers now have better economy. Before it, the villagers were workers in the paddy field and had small income,” he recently said in East Kutai.

It is clear that the increasing income, the economy in the villages has increased too. Now, after the replanting programme has run, they could get Rp 1 – Rp 2 millions per hectare per month, it depends on the age of the plants.

The increasing income is not seperated by the best and right palm oil cultivation practices, including the usage of superior seeds from Dami Mas which highly produce in the first year of planting.

Vice President Agronomy (VPA) PT SMART Tbk, East Kalimantan I, Mulyadi said, the usage of superior seeds from Dami Mas has increased the farmers palm oil plantation productivities.

It is booked, the productivities in the first year of planting could increase the average yield about 24%. “In the first year, the productivities could reach 12 tons of fruit per hectare. In the third year, they could be 20 tons per hectare,” he recently said in Kongbeng.

In Partnership with Independent Farmers

Besides in partnership with the farmers within the replanting programme, PT Kresna Duta Agroindo also makes partnership with the independent farmers. It is done for there are lots of plantation belonging to the independent farmers around the company’s plasma farmers.

Mulyadi said, the independent farmers’ plantation were cultivated by themselves. The seeds help programme was done by the District Government of East Kutai, through Plantation Agency with PT SMART Tbk., as the seeds provider in 2001. It covered 4.058 hectares.

Knowing that the . . .


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