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Smallholders’ Exchange Rate in East Kalimantan Decreased 2%

05 January 2018 , 06:39 WIB | Read : 76 | By : Administrator

Photo: Plantation Agency, East Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, SAMARINDA –The Smallholders Exchange Rate or Nilai Tukar Petani Tanaman Perkebunan Rakyat (NTPR)in East Kalimantan in December 2017 decreased about 2.05%, that was from 96,99%in November to be 94,94% in December 2017.

Head of Central Bureau of Statistic, East Kalimantan Province, M. Habibullah said, the decreasing NTPR reaching 2,11% happened for the decreasing price that the smallholders got reaching 0,39% and the price index that the smallholders paying increased 0,31%.

“The price index that the smallholders paying in December increased for the increasing in the index of household consumption, and BPPBM, reaching 0,32 percent and 0,26 percent,” he said, asInfoSAWITrecently quoted from the page of Plantation Agency, East Kalimantan.

He continued, the NTP of East Kalimantan in December 2017 reaching 97,28%, covered NTP Tanaman Pangan (NTPP) reaching 94,81%; NTP Hortikultura (NTPH) reaching 92,14%; NTP Peternakan (NTPT) reaching 106,30%;and NTP Perikanan (NTPN) reaching 103,24%.(T2)

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