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07 December 2016 , 06:59 WIB | Read : 517 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

central kalimantan province becomes the pioneer to monitor the plantation activities in the region. from the monitoring the palm oil plantations are put in the data from the province to the district level. the result, sipkebun becomes the complete palm oil plantation data which are available to the people

Sistem Informasi dan Pemantauan Kinerja Perkebunan Berkelanjutan (SIPKEBUN) was initiated by the former Governor of Central Kalimantan, Agustin Terasnarang, who wanted to ensure, every palm oil product which is out of the province, should have been cultivated, harvested and processed sustainably.

To reach and realize the vision, the provincial government, about three years ago, have started identifying the needs to make a monitoring system which could help the work of palm oil producers, both palm oil companies and the people. Supported by Institut Penelitian Inovasi Bumi (INOBU), the provincial government which depended on the manual information, now the data has used computer within online data and used the geographic information system application..

When starting this system, its focus was to make the system which saved the big palm oil plantation companies’ data in the province. The data base was prepared and adjusted to the needs of government to value the plantation business and to make the plantation statistic documents in every single year. The information covered the plantation, legality, infrastructures in the plantation companies.

The innovation in SIPKEBUN is the integrated data base of the people’s plantation, both the plasma and independent. The independent farmers’ data in SIPKEBUN was collected by the surveyors in each district using the android application.

For this android application . . .


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