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RR No 5/2015 is Proposed to be Revised

12 September 2017 , 06:15 WIB | Read : 94 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKARAYA –The area management problems in Central Kalimantan province keep happening. The Regional Regulation (RR) No. 5 /  2015 about the Plan of Spatial, Central Kalimantan for 2015 – 2035 has been published. In the regulation, the forest regions reach about 15,3 million hectares, while non forest regions (plantation, agriculture, circumstance, public facility, and other) just reach 17% of the forest regions.

In the previous regulatioon, RR No. 8 / 2003, about the Spatial in Central Kalimantan, based on harmonization between Spatial Map of Central Kalimantan and Agreed Forest Usage or Tata Guna Hutan Kesepakatan (TGHK) in 1982 as the improvement of RR No. 5 / 1993 claimed, the Forest Region reached 9.661.283,02 hectares or 62,91%, and Non Forest Regions reached 5.695.416,98 hectares or 37,09%.


The different width of the forest and non forest regions are significantly different between the two regulations and it raised many protests. This would influence the development process in the province. The facts also revealed, there have been many non forestry areas in the province.


Governor of Central Kalimantan, Sugianto Sabran tries to revise the regulation. “Reginal Regulation No. 5 / 2015 would be revised and would be adjusted to the development in this province,” he said in Palangkaraya.

He also mentioned, the forest regions that reach more than 50% in this province might block the progress in the society and government. “We would meet the related ministries to discuss it,” he said in Palangkaraya.(T2)

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