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Riau Legislators: The Government andAssociation Block the Negative Campaign

15 July 2017 , 06:48 WIB | Read : 38 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU –Riau Legislators asked the government to be active in struggling for the negative issue and campaign in palm oil which indirectly influence the selling price in the smallholders’ level.

The Secretary of Commission B, Riau Legislators, Mansyur told, the crude palm oil (CPO) which is processed from fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in Indonesia is mostly sold to other countries. For the massive environmental issue which the world noticed, many countries prioritize Indonesia for the wider forest canopy but it gets narrower because of the palm oil enlargement.

“Knowing this issue, the government and palm oil associations should counter the negative issue together. The government should convince, the negative issues are not right at all,” he said, as quoted from

His side also told, the negative campaign is not about environment only but also  the business interest. So the  Legislators asked, the provincial government and the related instances could deal with the issues.

Before it, Head of Horticulture, Food Plantation and Plantation, Ferry HC said, the FFB price is decreasing after Idul Fitri. It may happen for the decreasing CPO demands in the world, and the negative sentiment from Ministry of Environment, Franch by saying, Franch would limit to use CPO as the biofuel mixture.(T3)


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