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23 October 2015 , 06:50 WIB | Read : 969 | By : Atep Yulianto Irawan

after once protested because of the government’s regulation No. 71 / 2014 for being irrelevant to the field condition, the Government’s Regulation of wetland is ready to be revoked and substituted by the new one.

The emerge of protests to the Governemnt’s Regulation (GR) No. 61 / 2014 about the Wetland Ecosystemderived from the determination of wetland ecosystem damage, based on the high level of the water surface to the land surface in wetland cultivation in cultivation sectors.

In the GR No 71 / 2014, in Chapter 23 article 3, it notes, the wetland ecosystem within the cultivation function is said to be broken if fulfilling the standard of damage, such as, the water surface in the wetland is more than 40 cm, under the wetland surface, or the expose of pyrit sediment under the wetland layers.

The determination of the damage is not based on the scientific study and the avarage calculation. Indonesia is the tropical country having two seasons, they are, rainy and dry seasons which will effect the water surface in the weltand in the cultivation areas.

It is normal that, if getting the accurate numbers, the researchers suggest to determine the damage in the wetland in the the dry season. (Read InfoSAWIT, November Edition 2014, To Sue the Regulation of Wetland Ecosystem.)

It is not fully a year that the GR of Wetland is effective to run but it will be revoked after Ministry of Environment and Forestry got the suggestions from palm oil industries in areas and forestry – bases.

General Director of Social and Partnership Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Hadi Daryanto said, after the government got the suggestions from many sides, there was improvement to revised some things for the industrial businessmen.

The hearing meeting was done. It was concluded, Chapter 23, article 3 which limits to say the damage or not damage in the wetland ecosystem will be revised. For example, in the seasonal plantation cultivation, the wetland is said to be broken if the water surface in the wetland is more than 40 cm.

While the plantation commodity which is cultivated in the wetland areas, the wetland is categorized to be broken if the water surface is more than 60 cm and the yearly plantation is categorized to be broken if the water surface is more than 80 cm.

The revision of the GR of  . . .


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