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Regulation, Exemplary, and the Action to Prevent the Fire

02 September 2017 , 06:16 WIB | Read : 107 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU –National Policy Dialogor Dialog Kebijakan Nasionalabout Improving the Regulation and Field Learning to Reduce the Fire and the Smoke or Penguatan Regulasi dan Pembelajaran Lapangan untuk Mengurangi Kebakaran dan Kabut Asapwas held in Aryaduta Hotel, Pekanbaru, last week.

It was attended by Center For International Forestry Research(CIFOR), DR. Dede Rohadi;National Research Board or Dewan Riset Nasional, DR. Bambang Setiadi;Forestry Agency Riau, Dra. Yuliwiriawati Moesa, Msi.;Regent of Siak, Drs. H. Syamsuar, Msi.;Legislators of Bengkalis, Azmi Rozali,  S. Ip.,  M. Si.;Legislators of Riau, Ir.  Mansyur HS,  M.M.;andChief of Riau Police Department, Irjen. Pol. Zulkarnain Adinegara. It was the cooperation between Pusat Studi Bencana LPPM Universitas Riau and CIFOR.

The dialog became a strategic action to prevent the fire in the forest and areas in Riau province. In the last two years, the provice was successful to be free from fire and smoke. The success was supported by many sides, and the participation of the villagers in Riau who could prevent the fire.


“There are three things to discuss in the dialog and every side would consider, they are, the regulation and prevention of the fire; exemplary and learning from the people and the private sector; and the same action with ASEAN countries,” Bambang Setiadi said, the representative of Dewan Riset Nasional in the official statement that InfoSAWIT got.


In the dialog, Regent of Siak, Syamsuar said, every side should find the solution about the environmental issues. The people have planted, namely palm oil in the peat land. “So we need to think. In addition, Siak has been prepared to be the industrial zone in agro-base. To increase the economy, the people should have the commodity that could be exported and in the future, there should be breakthrough by the replanting program,” he said.


Starting in 2016, District of Siak has made a program as the District of Siak Hijau. This is realized as the concern to the environment for the regional government has its duty about it, namely to create and realize the welfare for the people and the natural resource management. Besides the fire and smoke, District of Siak has issue about water pollution in the river of Siak for it is the source of living for the people who live next to the river.


Some regions prepared in the conservation are in Sub district of Sungai Mandau,  Sungai Apit,  Dayun,  Minas,and Pusako. There are kinds of food plantation, forest region, forest for industries, laying about 200.000 hectares and palm oil areas about 250.000 hectares.


Some policies which District ofSiak would publish are to support the zone to advantage the zone of developing the forest result, but not wood, the ecotourism environment service, and the participation of the local people. He also mentioned, the starting process would be done by the support and input from the NGO in Riau.


The dialog from the people was told by Rozi (MPA Dompas) , Edi Rusman (Chairman of MPA Perigi, South Sumate), Jaini (MPA Central Kalimantan), Agung Wiyono (Asia Pulp and Paper), Sailal Arimi (APRIL), Isnaidi Esman (Jaringan Gambut Riau), Togar Sitanggang (IPOA), Tarsono (Bina Cinta Alam District of Siak). (T2)

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