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having the heritage from their parents,  Robert Budi Hartono dan Michel Hartono now deveop their business in palm oil sectors. the two brothers are welknown as the richest men in Indonesia

Two brothers, Robert Budi Hartono and Michel Hartono in Forbes Indonesia Magazine in 2014 are the first richest men in Indonesia. Robert whoc was born on April 28th, 1941 in Semarang together with his brother continued his father’s business called Djarum Gramophon or famously known as “Djarum”.

Through Djarum Group these two brothers expand their businesses, out of cigarette. One of them is palm oil plantation. Through PT Hartono Plantations Indonesia (HPI Agro), Hartono brothers now have large palm oil plantations.

Based on what InfoSAWIT traced, HPI Agro are about 85 thousands hectare, consist of 7 plantation companies. They are mostly in West Kalimantan, in District of Pontianak and Landak .

Palm oil enlargement belonging to Djarum Group keeps running. For example, PT Peniti Sungai Purun (PSP), the first planting was held in 2010 was attented by the Governor, Cornelius. By 2012, the planted area reaches 13,500 hectare.

PT Kapuas Rimba Sejahtera (KRS) located in Kuala Behe, Air Besar dan Nagabang, District of Landak, in 2009 had 12.919 hectare. PT Tanjung Indah Plantation (TIP) located in Anjungan had 3.350 hectare.

PT Daya  Sumber Makmur (DMS) located in Nagabang has 14.088 hectare. PT Palma Megah Mulia (PMM) in Jelimpo, Kuala Bahe and Nagabang, District of Landak has 12.580 hectare. PT Palma Asih Sejahtera (PAS) in Ngabang and Menyuke has 15.222 hectare, and PT Borneo Muria Plantation (BMP) in Air Besar and Kuala Behe has 13.566 hectare.

In the end of 2014,. . .


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