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PT Asdal Might Cultivate the Villagers’ Areas in Trumon Timu

02 November 2017 , 06:09 WIB | Read : 48 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT,  TAPAKTUAN  – The private company running palm oil plantation business, PT Asdal Prima Lestari (PT Asdal) might re cultivate the villagers areas of Gampong Titi Poben, Sub district of Trumon Timur, South Aceh.

The company keeps planting palm oil in the areas where the people claim to have. But the company claimed, they planted palm oil in their business license (BL).

“There are about 20 hectares of the villagers’ areas of Gampong Titi Poben where PT Asdal might cultivate since the last some months,” a figure of Trumon Raya, Adi Samridha said, as quoted from

He thought, the villagers’ areas of Gampong Titi Poben reaching about 20 hectares have been planted by palm oil, and most of the trees are in mature.

He continued, when running its business, PT Asdal did not cut the villagers’ tree, but keep planting new seeds among the villagers’ trees.

“That’s the way they (PT Asdal) plant it by letting the villagers’ tree in the areas. They kee planting in the areas and claimed that they master the areas,” he said.

Based on the result of discussion some time ago, Adi continued, hundreds of villagers of Gampong Titi Poben planned to make demonstration and would be done in a very short time by picking up and cutting the trees where PT Asdal has planted. (T3)

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