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Pro and Contra of Peat Damage Urged the Same Research.

10 September 2017 , 06:28 WIB | Read : 96 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKARAYA – Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Peat Restoration Board, university, HimpunanGambut Indonesia (HGI), corporates and the other stakeholders would do same research about the decision of tinggimuka air tanah (TMA) or height of land water surface about 0,4 meter under the surface of peat in the arrangement, as the standard of peat damage.

“Pro and contra still happen. Many sides questioned for the research result was done in the primer forest, but not in the peat cultivation. The decision of TMA, o,4 meter as the standard of peat damage is written in Government’s Regulation No. 57 / 2016 and it is for the peat cultivation,” Chairman of HGI,SupiandiSabiham said in the official statement that InfoSAWIT got.

Lecturer of Faculty of Forestry, UniversitasPalangkaraya, Nina Yulianti, said, the same result research with other sides, including the peat expert, Prof Hidenori Takahashi of Hokkaido University of Japan, should not be the base to decide the peat damage.

“The height of land water surface should only be the indicator of early warning to know the hotspot but not as the criteria to the peat damage,” she said. (T2)

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