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POSU and Pelalawan Trained the Smallholders

10 September 2017 , 10:29 WIB | Read : 87 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PELALAWAN - Palm Oil Smallholders Union (POSU) did training about the Sustainable Palm Oil Cultivation. The training was in cooperation between POSU and Plantation and Livestock Agency,  District of Pelalawanin Green Hotel Pelalawan, Riau.

The training involved more than 10 counselors from the district and 15 villager representatives from Sub district of Bandar Sei Kijang. The training was inaugurated by Secretary of Livestock and Plantation Agency, accompanied by Chairman of POSU, Mansuetus Darto.

In his speech, the Secretary of the Agency, said, his side has been waiting for too long to do such training like that. “We do really hope, the training could always run. We also thank POSU that initiates the cooperation and training and hopefully, this will be useful for the villagers in this district,” he said in the official statement that InfoSAWIT got.

He also mentioned, the people’s areas in the district might be about 118.000 hectares and the private areas might be about 187.000 hectares. We do our best so that the private areas could increase the productivity.

Chairman of POSU,Mansuetus Darto said, the smallholders who have been trained should train the other smallholders in the villages to get the advantage of sustainable palm oil cultivation.

He also mentioned, the nowadays problem, such as, the limited area to enlarge plantation is not something scary anymore. The smallholders now have the solution, that is, increasing the productivity from the areas where they cultivate. “If the areas are well cultivated, the productivity could be 36 tons per hectare per year,” he said.

He told that POSU commits to help District of Pelalawan and others to have good cultivation for the people’s areas. We want to show, the smallholders could manage and cultivate theirs well too.

The training runs for three days until 9 September 2017. The keynote speakers are from Instiper, UNRI, the internal experts of POSU handling the cultivation.(T2)

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