23 October 2015 , 09:49 WIB | Read : 896 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

the fire in the areas gets worse in indonesia in every year. not only the local people, the neighbourhood countries, like singapore and malaysia are disturbed because of the burners.

Actually it is a habit in this country to burn the areas to cultivate for it has been done since our ancertors. Moving one place to another in cultivating the areas is our ancerstors tradition.

HE Benjamin (2009) in his book “Perladangan Berpindah : Bentuk Pertanian Konservasi Pada Wilayah Tropis Basah”, wrote, the plantation cultivation which most people run in the tropical regions, including in Indonesia is moving from one place to another.

Sometimes they left their neighbour, by leaving the previous environment or clearing one village. But theysometimes leave some of their men to stay on.

Since years ago, the moving environmentt also makes problems in the next days, such as, the community will be more and the different perspective to enlarge the areas too.

The author “How Blaming Slash and Burn, Farmers is Deforestating Mainland Southeast Asia; Analysis from The East-West”, JM. Fox (2000) also writes the complete description about the moving farmers who burn the areas to cultivate new plantation.

The behaviour of the moving community could be seen in this nowadays circumstance. In addition, there are many remoted regions in the wild forests. This kind of community is still far away from the civilization, and social problems, such as, education, health, and others. It might happen, burning the areas has been running since their ancestors until nowadays too.

So education becomes the answer from many problems relating to burn the forest and areas which keeps happening. The involvement of the local people also plays the big role to anticipate and prevent the fire so that the fire will not be larger.

Moving Through The Land

The lives in remoted areas which  . . .


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