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21 July 2014 , 12:01 WIB | Read : 980 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

The people do not only hunt palm oil seeds but they also are fond of the seeds for planting palm oil seeds is much easier than the seeds which should need further treatment before planting them in the plantations.

The needs of seeds are the reasons for palm  oil producers to boost their productions. As information, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi need palm oil seeds very much. The unprevalent distributions of the seeds effect to the usage of fake seeds and that will be a loss in the future.

The usage of fake seeds is suspected from the large needs of seeds to be planted. If some farmers want to get the seed by running the official ways, the process stucks the business for there will be many phases to do before getting the offial superior seeds. It is no doubt anymore that it will take some time.

Sutoyo (61), a palm oil farmer of Central Kalimantan took longer time to buy superior seeds for he should obey many regulations. In addition, the process when buying seeds to the nursery in the field was stucked by the climates.

 “ When I want to buy superior seeds, I have to list my name first, wait for some time to get the seeds,” he recently explained to InfoSAWIT.

The description becomes relative new business opportunity for the seeds producers to boost. The time and certain business become the big obstacles for the consumers, not only in one, but in manyregions.

One relative new breakthrough is to produce palm oil seeds by implementing net culture which PT Dami Mas Sejahtera is running on.


Faster Result

Though it has been introduced by national palm oil seeds producers since years ago, but producing palm oil seeds through net culture is about to be rare. The process is not as easy as to produce superior seeds. It also needs sophisticated tehcnologies to support the production within the best and high quality results.

PT Dami Mas Sejahtera is seriously producing palm oil seeds in net culture technic . But the question is how is the best way to produce palm oil seeds by the technics?

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