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Palm oil Company is Watched by Army

10 September 2017 , 06:29 WIB | Read : 80 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, PELAIHARI–After the damage of tens of palm oil trees and the Business License (BL) area of PT Lunik Anugerah and PT Candi Artha in the Village of Jilatan, Sub district of Batuampar, District of Tanahlaut, South Kalimantan province, last Wednesday afternoon, the management of PT Lunik Anugerah and PT Candi Artha had tens of workers in the area so that it would be wider to be damaged.

The management of the companies also asked for help from Army in Sub district of Batuampar to accompany the securities of the companies in the scene and the entrance post of the area, reaching 2650 hectares, since last Thursday.


Commander of Army of Batuampar, Peltu Sudaryono said yes that his members were replaced there so that there would no be chaos between the workers or employees of PT Lunik Anugerah and PT Candi Artha with the destroyers who would take heavy tools to be put in the BL area of PT Lunik Anugerah and PT Candi Artha.


"The army does mobile patrol in the region to keep the situation good in Sub district of Batuampar. What I know from the workers, the heavy tool also damaged thee area though the army was there to secure too,” he said, as quoted from

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