27 February 2017 , 06:26 WIB | Read : 288 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

Globalization becomes something interesting to discuss and it never ends. what is more interesting is that globalization issue makes the information of life style or one product is loved by the consumers. of course the consumers who are interested in are not only group(s) who live in one region but also in many countries whole over the world.

Globalization era has been a phenomenon for the human civilization which keeps developing in this earth. For example, years before, when going abroad, it was hard to say good bye to the family if staying in the foreign country will take for some or long time. But now in the globalizatio era, there has been a divice in the hand (handphone or smart phone).

Someone could call anytime, make a real time video call, without expense but through free internet provided (in some places). Someone could do ‘selfie’ (nowadays term), and it is the progress of life style in globalization.

A popular artist’s activity in a country could be seen by the fans in other countries. Just like K-Pop artists. They are all around the world including in Indonesia. They also promote their existance. Every thing is positive to become a lesson of life.

Globalization is not for the foreign countries only. Indonesia also enjoys the big advantages of it though there have been lots of advantages forgotten.

Since the colonialism, the products from Indonesia, such as, spices, have been sold in many countries around the world and become the something interesting for the world to consume. The spices become something interesting for the foreign businessmen to colonize one country to get more for their business.

Since the independence day until now, the globalization also provides the positive to the economy progress in Indonesia. One of the progress derives from the foreign trades on crude palm oil (CPO) and derivatives.

For more than a century,  . . .


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