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No Complaint about the Price

07 September 2017 , 06:54 WIB | Read : 95 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, SAMARINDA – The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in September gets better to be Rp 1.588 per kilogram, compared to the previous month, that was Rp 1.506,22 per kilogram. But it is no serious matter. In East Kalimantan, palm oil is very good business for there are about 2,1 million abandoned areas to plant.

Head of Plantation Agency, East Kalimantan Province, Ujang Rachmad accompanied by Head of Agriculture, Muhammad Yusuf, said, the September price is good though it once decreased significantly. He thought, it is normal.

The data from the Agency showed, the FFB in March 2017 was Rp 1.905 per kilogram. It kept decreasing to August, to be Rp 1.506 per kilogram. In September, it gets better to be Rp 1.588 per kilogram.


“It is normal in palm oil trade. Though it is up or down in every single month, it did not make the palm oil trade go bad. The palm oil business is still very well,” he said, as quoted from Kaltim Post.


He thought, in the province, palm oil is good to develop as long as the area is for plantation sector. But the location of areas that are not advantaged still reach less than 50 percent. The available areas to palm oil sectors in the spatial reach 3,2 million hectares. “But only 1,1 million hectares are planted. It means, the rests, 2,1 million hectares are abandoned,” he said


Crude palm oil (CPO), he continued,  produced in the province reached 3,2 million tons. While the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production reached 14,58 million tons. His side targeted, the FFB production in 2018 should be 18 million tons. “Particularly if the Special Economic Zone in Maloy Batuta Trans Kaltim operates. It means, the investment would be more,” he said. (T3)

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