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29 July 2015 , 13:17 WIB | Read : 718 | By : Ignatius Ery Kurniawan

in the last days the bureAucracy gets tighter and makes the slow economical progress. for the tighter bureaucracy, the business does get hard to develop too. will the clean and good bureaucracy makes the palm oil industries go forward and faster?

Most of palm oil businessmen from the upstream to the downstream sectors complain to some policies which the government has made lately, such as, the extension of moratorium policy, the provincial spatial plans which have no end, and the citation fund or Crude palm oil Supporting Fund (CSF).

For the businessmen themselves, the regulations shouldre-manage the business climates to be better and go forward. But some of them know and realize, the policies seem to obstruct and postpone palm oil business in the field.

“How do we continue our business? Many regulations or policies which the government has published are really overlapping in the field,” a businessman recently said to InfoSAWIT. The businessman who is not wanted to be mentioned hoped, the government should have solutions on the problems in pam oil plantation.

Lots of the regulations have been running but the facts show, palm oil business seems not to be better. Coordinator Secretary of Economy, Indonesian Republic, Sofyan Djalil promised to improved business climate for it will increase the economy nationally.

“The making of policy direction, based on Nawa Cita, is to increase the sustainable and inclusive economical progress, to accelerate the infrastructure, the same progress, and to increase the additional natural resources which are sustainable,” Coordinator Secretary of Economy, Sofyan Djalil said as quoted from the official page of Ministry of Economy.

The tough economy is not argued by President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla. In the cabinet meeting some time ago, President Jokowi instructed his secretaries to increase the work and the state budget absorption.

The former Secretary of Agriculture, in Gotong Royong era, Bungaran Saragih thought, the government should interfere and regulate in clear and firm ways to ensure the palm oil business running well from the upstream to the downstream sectors. “The government should give safety and security for palm oil businessmen in those sectors,” Bungaran emphasized.

Palm Oil Runs The Regional Economy

The central government is different from the regional one. If the central government still thinks of the random and scrambled policies and the low state budget absorption, in Kalimantan Island, namely in District of East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province, the region has good economical progress.

Based on the data from Regional Government of East Kutai, . . .


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