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Merauke Needs Investors

17 July 2017 , 06:00 WIB | Read : 158 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -.Regent of Merauke, Frederikus Gebze, SE, M.Si asked the non government organization not to bother the investments in Merauke. He said, the regional government really needs investors for the government has no enough fund to develop the facility. “Merauke needs foreign investors. One of them is palm oil investment which is fixed to the district,” Frederikus Gebze said.

He also thought, the palm oil plantation investors who would invest in Merauke would give employment and could welfare the people. “They would not randomly operate here. The presence of palm oil plantations here have been evaluated and could give positive influence,” he said, as quoted from

Of seven palm oil plantation companies operating and investing in Merauke, there have been four unions. “One thing regulated in the laws is that if there is one investor in one region, the investor should give 20% of the total concession areas to make ‘perkebunan inti rakyat (PIR)’. 20% would be cultivated by the local people, such as, the indigenous people, the villagers, and others,” he mentioned.(T3)

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