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May 2018, Non PSO Diesel Would be Mixed to Palm Oil Biodiesel

03 January 2018 , 06:34 WIB | Read : 26 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA After running the obligation of palm oil biodiesel mixture 20%  (B20) to diesel for the public transportation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resouces (EMR) would do the same to the non – subsidy diesel.

General Director of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion, Ministry of EMR, Rida Mulyana said, the government targets to absorb 3,5 million kiloliters of biodiesel. “We have the target reaching 3,5 million kiloliters or there is additional target reaching one million kiloliter,” he said as InfoSAWITquoted fromLiputan6.comin Jakarta, Monday (1/1/2018).

He also said, this is the way to expand palm oil biodiesel mixture to non – subsidy diesel to get the absorption. It would be starting in May 2018. “Expanding to non – subsidy (public service obligation) and would be running in the sixth period, May – October 2018,” he said.

The policy to expand the palm oil biodiesel mixture to non – subsidy diesel would be for the mining operational vehicles. “The Secretary told that every side should agree in the first place. But there are some using the mixture, 15%,” he said.(T2)

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