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Kukar Cooperates with Japan to Advantage the Palm oil Waste

21 December 2016 , 06:01 WIB | Read : 463 | By : Administrator

INFO SAWIT, TOKYO - Tunggang Parangan, a company belonging to the regional government of Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) cooperates with the Japanese company, Itochu Corporation to advantage the palm oil waste to be energy.

The cooperation was written in the Memorandum of Understanding and signed by the Director of Tunggang Parangan, Adenani, and COO Itochu Corporation, Okada San, and witnessed by the Regent of Kukar, Rita Widyasari, on Monday (19/12) in Tokyo, Japan.

Rita Widyasari said her appreciation and suport to every side who made the cooperation. The increasing regional economy in local potency – base finally gives the positive effects to increase the regional revenue. “I really welcome the cooperation as part of increasing the capacity and business scale of Tunggang Parangan," she explained as quoted

By the cooperation, Rita hoped to give the significant influence to increase the independency and competitiveness for the region. “I am optimistic, the cooperation could give the positive effects for the regional revenue,” she said.

Besides Rita also mentioned, the cooperation will not only optimize the profits between the companies, but more than that, Kukar will try to develop the regional company by getting knowledge, science and technology, namely to advance the waste to be energy.

“The business breakthrough is done so that in the future, Tunggang Parangan could really become the regional company which could exist to solve the development issue in Kukar,” she hoped. (T2)

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