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ISA and PFMA Selected the Smallholders’ Children to get Scholarship

07 September 2017 , 06:56 WIB | Read : 102 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, Aek Kanopan– Indonesian Smallholders Association (ISA) in cooperation with Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency  (PFMAA) selected the scholarship program for the smallholders’ children in Grand Hotel, Aek Kanopan.

It was joined by 128 smallholders’ children in 7 districts as the palm oil producers in North Sumatera province, they are, Labura, Asahan, Labuhanbatu, Simalungun, Batubara, Serdangbedagai, and Deliserdang.


Chairmaan of Indonesian Smalholders Association, Gus Dalhari Harahap, said, those who pass the selection would get scholarship and study in Politeknik The Citra Widya Edukasi inBekasi and in Institut Pertanian Stiper (Instiper) Yogyakarta.


He also said, they are the smallholders’ children having maximal areas reaching 4 hectares. After graduating their study, it is hopeed, they could be the assistants in their own regions within the science when studying, of course..


"The program is one effort ot develop the natural resource to create more optimal palm oil productivity within small cost as it could,” he said, as quoted from Medanbisnisdaily.com. (T3)

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