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INFO CWE : Controlled-Release Fertilizer (Meister MX) TO DEVELOP PALM OIL SEEDS

22 January 2015 , 06:48 WIB | Read : 1426 | By : Rufinusta Sinuraya

using Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx is proved to save fertilization process and also save excessive HK than the other kinds of fertilizers.

Fertilizer has its ingredients which the plants need to grow up. In every single palm oil plantation, fertilizer is the most crucial one, both in the price, usage, doze, and ingredients. This will be the determination to fertilze palm oil seeds. It should also be efficient and effective to fertilize which the method of applicationwill influence.

There are three methods of fertilization process in palm oil plantation, they are, hand application, mechanical spreading and aerial manuring application. Of the three methods, hand application is the common one applied in, because it is the most effective way to do in palm oil plantation.

In the seeding process in PT. Pilar Wanapersada, the effective fertilization process will really contribute to the development of the seeds. In the fertilization, it will not only focus to develop the seeds but also focus to how much money is spent. The good fertilization in minimal cost but good quality become the successful keys in the process.

In PT Pilar Wanapersada, the fertilizer isControlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx. Using Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx for once in 65 seeding period, the needs of hara for the seeds will be fulfilled and have the minimal cost.

Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx is the compound fertilizer which is in circle form, skinned with wax in the outer sides which is also slow release. Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx is almost as same as compound CPD55 and CPD45. But the difference is that the ingredients percentage of hara which this fertilizer has for it is special to palm oil.

In Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx there are some ingredients, such as, N, P, K,and Mg. (20 – 6 – 14 – 3 + TE). TE (Terace Element) means there is additional hara besides NPKMg but it is smaller in numbers, they are, (Cu, Zn dan B).

Data Analyst and the Development

Using fertilizer to palm oil is hoped to develop palm oil seeds. It is as same as using Controlled-Release Fertilizer Meister Mx. Basically, the effects of using this fertilizer is not different from using other kinds of fertilizers.

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