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The government regulation in sustainable palm oil is wrapped in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO. The ISPO certification is mandatory or in the other words “obligation’. This regulates all palm oil plantations operating in Indonesia.

BGA Group as one palm oil plantation company runs the sustainable practices to develop its palm oi industry and does not think, ISPO is an obstacle. ISPO – for BGA Group – is a challenge to make more sustainable plantation.

BGA did ISPO Training in Pundu, ISPO did Workshop about the Calculation of Green House Gasses Emission in Palm Oil Plantation

Knowing the government of Indonesia is serious to implement Sustainable Palm Oil, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group was recently doing ISPO training in Central Kalimantan. “The training was doing as our seriousness to get ISPO certification,” Group Department Head Corporate Communication and Sustainability, BGA Group, Francisca Damanik said.

The two day training was directly launched by Deputy COO BGA, Priyanto PS. “Sustainability is a must and BGA Group commits to sustainability and ISPO. It is proved, the training was attended by all regional directors,” he said.

The training also invited Rosediana Suharto as the Daily Coordinator, ISPO Secretariat. She thought BGA Group is serious to the ISPO. Rosediana supported all palm oil companies to get ISPO certifications as soon as very possible.

“It is an obligation for palm oil companies to run the ISPO for it is written in the regulation in Indonesia,” Rosediana explained.

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