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after making partnership with pt kresna duta agroindo  (kda), the subindustry of pt sinar mas agro resources and technology (smart) tbk, in the scheme independent partnership, the villagers of marga mulya are happy

Actually, the people who joined the transmigration programme in 1980s wanted to increase their economy. Just like what Suhendar (50) a villager of Marga Mulya, Subdistrict Kongbeng, District of East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province experienced.

After graduating his senior high school, he was 22 years old. Without having much consideration, he joined transmigration which the government run.

In the beginning, every thing run well when he arrived in Kalimantan in 1982 until 1986. But there was a harvest failure. For Suhendar’s friend, it was the moment to go back to their home village in Java. Suhendar said, lots of transmigrators’ areas were sold.

Having no much experience in farming, Suhendar decided not to join his friends, who sold their areas. He worked what he could do. “It was hard and difficult to get 50 thousands rupiah,” Suhendar recently told in Kongbeng.

After surviving from the tough situtation in several years, in 2000, he joined the Head of Village Election. He had good fortune and be chosen as the Head of Village of Marga Mulya, in 2000 – 2007.

Not after one year as the Head of Village, Suhendar did comparative study to palm oil plantation in Gunung Sugih, Lampung. The visitation was facilitated by PT Kresna Duta Agroindo (KDA), the subindustry of PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology (SMART) Tbk.

As the result, in 2001, together with the Head of Subdistrict of Kongbeng and some other heads of villages, they told the agreement to the Government of East Kutai, that was, to cultivate palm oil. One year later, the government realized what the people wanted to.

Unfortunately, Suhendar memorized, lots of the people in Kongbeng thought, planting palm oil would not increase their economy. The village officers were difficult to find them who wanted to plant palm oil.

The palm oil areas in the beginning just reached 50 hectares. But when many of them were successful in cultivating palm oil, the areas reached 4.058 hectares. The palm oil  farmers made organization which joined in Plantation Cooperation Kongbeng Bersatu.

Cooperation Kongbeng Bersatu has become the main cooperation and managed about 7 cooperations in 7 villages, they are, Makmur Jaya, MargaMulya, SukaMaju, SidoMulyo, Sri Pantun, Kongbeng Indah andMaiuBaru.

The partnership which . . .


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