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In Kotim “Kencing” CPO Gets More

14 September 2017 , 06:19 WIB | Read : 93 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, SAMPIT –The illegal crude palm oil (CPO) taking or famously called, ‘kencing CPO’ gets more to happen in District of Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim).

The worse is that the hijacking or the taking of illegal CPO is transported through the government’s port. “It has been running for too long and it gets more to happen. It may be said, the CPO mafia. The CPO stealing was put into the flexibagthen it was transported to Surabaya by containers,” a source recently said, as quoted from Kalteng Pos.


The CPO mafia was a loss. There had been efforts to stop the illegal CPO trade but they keep doing the same and keep developing. The source also said, the ‘kencing CPO’ is a loss for the country for they did not pay the tax and other retribution. The modus to run the practice is by using a document “MENDOMPLENG” or of attachment  to the contract of “MIKO (minyak kotor or dirty oil). What had been delivered was CPO but not dirty  oil.


The illegal CPO might not be standard so it could decrease the quality of the CPO itself and might decrease the price. Indonesia, as a matter of fact is trying its best to increase the standard palm oil through Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).


Meanwhile, Head of Environment Agency, District of Kotim had no comment about the people’s complaint. In 2014, Central Kalimantan Police Department had caught and arrested some suspects of the CPO hijack. The modus was, they sold it to the recepient. Actually the suspects should deliver it to Bagendang Port to be delivered to Surabaya. But the staffs, the actors of the case ordered to sell it to the recepient. The other modus was half of the tank was sold and changed to be water. (T3)

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