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In Kampar, The Companies Might Break the Regulations to get ISPO

05 September 2017 , 06:40 WIB | Read : 95 | By : Administrator

InfoSAWIT, BANGKINANG Some palm oil plantation companies in District of Kampar, Riau Province, might break the available regulation. For example, the plantation companies planted the trees 100 meters in the left and right sides of the big river and 50 meter in the left and right of small river.

“I assumed, there was a game to get recommendation that the agency and instance published to get ISPO in this district,” Regent of Kampar, Ali H b recently said in di Bangkinang.

Actually, the area should be enlarged based on the conditions in the environment license or RKL-RPL according to the available regulations.


The plantation company is forbidden to enlarge or plan palm oil trees within: 500 meters by the sides of stank/lake; 200 meters from the side of the water source and left and right sides of the river in the swamp area; 100 meters from the right and left sides big river; 50 meters in the right and left sides of small river; 2 times of the depth and side of chasm; 130 times of different of the highest and lowest tide by the beach. “If the companies do not obey the regulation above, it would be reported to the authorigy,” he said, as quoted from Metroterkini.com.


He continued, if every company implements the principles and criteria of ISPO, it would be difficult for them to get ISPO from the Ministry of Agriculture.


It is said, LSM LIRA of Kampar would seriously investigate this issue so that the publication of ISPO would be the same as the regulation. (T3)


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